A record breaking early-bird registration period – A new committee added

With an early bird registration period that lasted four months, we are glad to report that the demand for the 240 available seats of RhodesMRC 2016 has exceeded all of our expectations. Last year, for RhodesMRC 2015, we had received a total of 260 applications which pushed us to create three new committees. This year, only during the early-bird registration, we have reached 333 applications (by May 31, 2016) and we are still receiving. Of them, already more than 280 people have completed their registration, and we are only including the University Edition to these numbers. To the mix we have participants from almost every major university from Greece and from Universities from Romania, Egypt, France, USA and Cyprus.

Our strongest conviction is that we should not stop receiving applications. Thus, after careful research and planning we are glad to announce that our seventh committee to RhodesMRC 2016 – University Edition will be NATO’s North Atlantic Council. And make things more exciting (and also serve more participants) the NAC will exercise the dual delegation practice; a practice that will facilitate both the usual diplomatic procedure but also lobbying. Aren’t you excited?


Information for how to apply participation to NATO’s NAC committee if you have already applied to RhodesMRC 2016:

How dual delegation works?

Each country is assigned to two delegates. They have to work together during their preparation and most importantly work as a single body (they represent the same country) during the official sessions.

How can someone apply for the NAC committee?

If you have not applied yet for RhodesMRC 2016, you may do so here. The application form has been adjusted accordingly.

If you have already applied for RhodesMRC 2016 and you have been accepted, just send us an e-mail to secretariat@rhodesmrc.org expressing your will to join the NAC and a possible partner.

Caution: your expressed committee preferences are only indicative. The Registration Committee has the sole and final ruling on committee and country assignment.