Announcement of the RhodesMRC 2016 Agenda!

After almost three months of consultation and careful review of the Board‘s proposals by our Scientific Committee, we are glad to announce the agenda for all committees of Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation 2016.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Topic Area A: Transdniestria / Transnistria: Reaching a political settlement

Topic Area B: Considering a comprehensive response towards terrorism, in light of recent events 


Council of Europe

Topic Area A: Tackling the spillover effect of economic crisis; human rights and external debt sustainability

Topic Area B: Protection of Journalism: Media Freedom in challenging times


Middle East Peace Conference

Crisis Committee


Black Sea Economic Co-operation

Topic Area A: Promoting the role of Small and Medium – sized Enterprises (SMEs) in international markets. The importance of providing guarantee funds, promoting dialogue on e-commerce and enhancing customs matters cooperation in the Black Sea Region

Topic Area B: Strengthening the cooperation in the area of food security and food safety standards emphasizing on the environmental sustainability of the agricultural production


Organization of American States

Topic Area A: Rapprochement of the relationship between the Organization and the Republic of Cuba

Topic Area B: Possible Ways of Combating Corruption and alleviating its impact on human rights


African Union

Topic Area A: Restructuring trade agreements towards the better involvement and development of landlocked states

Topic Area B: Promoting peace, security and stability on the African continent; the issue of regional conflicts: The case of the horn of Africa


Council of Europe – High School Edition: Democracy and Human Rights

Ensuring the protection of fundamental human rights for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers


Council of Europe – High School Edition: Education

Utilising new technologies on education: possible benefits and effects on privacy rights