Best Delegation Award

We are glad to announce our latest initiative, the Best Delegation Award. In order to foster healthy competition and make things a bit more interesting, the Organizing Committee of RhodesMRC 2016 will launch a conference wide competition to declare the Best Delegation for its University Edition.

The participation to the competition is automatic for all organized delegations, however, any delegation has the right to withdraw itself from the procedure. The Organizing Committee has set specific academic criteria to properly rank the delegations in an objective way and analogous to their size, so however large or small a delegation to have equal opportunities to gain the competition. The criteria will be disclosed after the completion of the conference works, along with the full method of the calculation of the ranking, in order to secure the proper function of the committees and the procedure!

The award for the Best Delegation Award will be a special plaquette that will be sent to the Head of the University or Department of the winning delegation and a special extended period for early bird discounted fees for the registration delegates of this University or Department for RhodesMRC 2017.